LibAge Help

Searching the database

For simple queries all that is required is all or part of a term that you wish to search for. For example seq with match both RNA-Seq and sequencing.

Boolean terms

Sometimes you require more specific queries. In this case you can use one of the boolean terms available. They must be capitalised to work.

Specific fields

You can also narrow your search to specific fields in the database. You can use these in conjunction with any of the boolean terms above. If you are searching for more than one word in a field you must surround it with double quotes (e.g. "example words"). You use the field in a search by supplying its name plus a colon (e.g. authors:"Anne Author")

The following fields are available:

You can also search between values with the TO keyword and square brackets. For example to get entries published between 2000 and 2002 you can use - year:[2000 TO 2002].