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Whitbourne, S. K. (1985) "The Aging Body: Physiological Changes and Psychological Consequences"

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  1. slowing down of peristaltic motion in alimentary canal Digital Ageing Atlas
  2. diminishing of glandular secretions Digital Ageing Atlas
  3. weaker digestive tract muscle contractions Digital Ageing Atlas
  4. neurotransmitter and neuro receptor concentrations are altered Digital Ageing Atlas
  5. fractures are cleaner Digital Ageing Atlas
  6. ventilatory rate at maximum exertion decreases Digital Ageing Atlas
  7. alveolar duct size increases Digital Ageing Atlas
  8. number of alveoli decreases Digital Ageing Atlas
  9. rigidity of ribs and muscles increases Digital Ageing Atlas
  10. work done by respiratory muscles increases Digital Ageing Atlas
  11. maximum volume of air in lungs decreases Digital Ageing Atlas
  12. gastric secretions diminish Digital Ageing Atlas
  13. atrophy of mucosal lining in small intestine Digital Ageing Atlas
  14. reduction in small intestine absorption rate Digital Ageing Atlas
  15. atrophy of all four layers of large intestine Digital Ageing Atlas
  16. weakening of intestinal wall Digital Ageing Atlas
  17. increase in incidence of diverticulosis Digital Ageing Atlas
  18. calcium absorption in intestine decreases Digital Ageing Atlas
  19. bone porosity increases Digital Ageing Atlas
  20. mineralization of bone tissue increases Digital Ageing Atlas
  21. bone becomes more brittle, less flexible Digital Ageing Atlas
  22. mouth becomes drier Digital Ageing Atlas
  23. osteoarthritis Digital Ageing Atlas