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Britto et al. (2009) "Effects of the aging process on respiratory function." Gerontology 55(5):505-510 (PubMed)

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  1. responses to hypoxemia and hypercapnia are decreased Digital Ageing Atlas
  2. respiratory drive decreases Digital Ageing Atlas
  3. respiratory muscle strength declines Digital Ageing Atlas
  4. loss of peripheral motor neurons Digital Ageing Atlas
  5. capacity of neuromusclar junctions to transmit impulses decreases Digital Ageing Atlas
  6. decline in respiratory muscle fibers Digital Ageing Atlas
  7. air flow resistance increases Digital Ageing Atlas
  8. elastic fiber number in the lungs decreases Digital Ageing Atlas
  9. decreases in intevertebral spaces Digital Ageing Atlas
  10. calcification of costal cartilage Digital Ageing Atlas
  11. dynamic compliance decreases Digital Ageing Atlas
  12. compliance of parenchyma increases Digital Ageing Atlas
  13. abnormal labored breathing index Digital Ageing Atlas
  14. maximal inspiratory pressure decreases Digital Ageing Atlas