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Martinez-Vicente et al. (2005) "Protein degradation and aging." Exp. Gerontol. 40(8-9):622-633 (PubMed)

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  1. accumulation of indigestible materials in lysosomes Digital Ageing Atlas
  2. lysosome/autophagosome fusion is decreased Digital Ageing Atlas
  3. degradation of ubiquinated proteins is impaired Digital Ageing Atlas
  4. ubiquitin/proteasome deficits Digital Ageing Atlas
  5. degradation rate of long-lived proteins decreases Digital Ageing Atlas
  6. macroautophagy function is altered Digital Ageing Atlas
  7. hydrolase activity is altered Digital Ageing Atlas
  8. autophagosome formation is decreased Digital Ageing Atlas
  9. regulation of lysomal pH is impaired Digital Ageing Atlas
  10. chaperone-mediated autophagy is altered Digital Ageing Atlas
  11. lysosome \\stability\\\ decreases\"" Digital Ageing Atlas
  12. LAMP-2A levels decreased Digital Ageing Atlas
  13. lysosome volume increases Digital Ageing Atlas