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McLachlan (1978) "The ageing kidney." Lancet 2(8081):143-145 (PubMed)

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  1. specific activities of enzymes are reduced Digital Ageing Atlas
  2. transport maximum for glucose declines Digital Ageing Atlas
  3. interstitial fibrosis in medulla Digital Ageing Atlas
  4. nephrons appear to fail as units Digital Ageing Atlas
  5. IgM deposition in glomeruli Digital Ageing Atlas
  6. glomeruli crowd together Digital Ageing Atlas
  7. glomeruli number decreases Digital Ageing Atlas
  8. Glomerular filtration rate declines Digital Ageing Atlas
  9. renal arteriosclerosis Digital Ageing Atlas
  10. Renal blood flow declines Digital Ageing Atlas
  11. Widespread degeneration of glomerular blood vessels Digital Ageing Atlas
  12. dietary protein required to induce renal sclerotic lesions decreases Digital Ageing Atlas
  13. kidney mass gradually lost Digital Ageing Atlas
  14. ability to secrete acid load decreases Digital Ageing Atlas
  15. vasodilation induced by acetylcholine or sodium reduced  Digital Ageing Atlas
  16. basement membranes of glomeruli and tubules thicken Digital Ageing Atlas
  17. urine concentrating capacity decreases Digital Ageing Atlas
  18. response to antidiuretic hormone decreased Digital Ageing Atlas
  19. sodium conservation decreased Digital Ageing Atlas
  20. phosphate reabsorption decreased Digital Ageing Atlas
  21. polyamine concentrations decline Digital Ageing Atlas